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  1. All We Are Saying......
    31 Dec, 2016
    All We Are Saying......
    This post is based on a Facebook discussion, but I wanted to give it some context and clarification. There's been a lot of discussion about giving the new President a chance. You may be a supporter, you may be a #notmypresident person, ya gotta admit: there are some concerns, to put it lightly heading into a new presidency. There are always, but the divide seems so wide this time around. But in a way, we can't avoid "giving a chance" because there's no alternative. Protest, bug your
  2. #51 Holiday Blues and More
    13 Dec, 2016
    #51 Holiday Blues and More
    Who doesn't love the holidays? Well, to be honest, a lot of us. But we muddle through. And somehow, year after year, we repeat the behaviors: days, sometimes weeks of planning, spending, driving, all for a few hours of gift-giving and as much manufactured merriment as we can stand. Some of us even manage to scrape up a little "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men" for a few days. I noticed that the "War on Christmas" annual rant-fest has been pretty quiet this year. Is it because we've been
  3. #50-Mumcast 50th Episode
    29 Nov, 2016
    #50-Mumcast 50th Episode
    How time flies! We have now done 50 episodes of Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show!    We appreciate all the support we've had and look forward to doing more. On this episode, we selected some interesting nuggets from among our 50 shows, including excerpts from our chats with musician/writer Tim Brouk, Songwriter extraordinaire Scott Greeson, Nashvillian/Musicians Hall of Fame curator/BR-549 bassist Jay McDowell, SF Jazz Collective's Matt Penman, and guitarist/songwriter/great guy Pat McClimans.
  4. Mumcast 49   Joe Peters, a Boy and His Yeti
    16 Nov, 2016
    Mumcast 49 Joe Peters, a Boy and His Yeti
    Joe Peters is an accomplished singer, songwriter, performer, humanist, and world traveler. His songs reflect his varied experiences and his love for people. If there's a theme that runs through all the songs he's written and recorded it would be "Love Yourself. Love Life. Love everybody else." Not the easiest thing in contentious times. We caught up with Joe while he was attending a songwriters' retreat in Michigan. We talked about his music, the idea of honing one's craft, what musicians can do
  5. How to Prepare for the Golden Age of Trump: 5 Survival Tips
    11 Nov, 2016
    How to Prepare for the Golden Age of Trump: 5 Survival Tips
    How to Prepare for the Golden Age of Trump: 5 Survival Tips        1. Assess Your Demographic. This may seem obvious, but remember who you are, and adjust your panic accordingly. For instance, in these last few days, I have sought solace in the fact that I'm old, male, and white. On the Ten Scale of Political Panic, I'm at a 3. My spouse is female, which raises her level, but she is white and (clears throat) middle-aged, and does not
  6. Mumcast 48  Shelter From The Storm
    08 Nov, 2016
    Mumcast 48 Shelter From The Storm
    Just completed posting my 48th edition of Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show.We thought a long time about what to present in an episode that comes out on Election Day. I decided: Why not try to prevent a brief meditative time folks could turn to and take refuge, if, like me, they'd like to step away a minute or 15? This piece is thunderstorm and ocean sounds, with instrumental music improvised by me on the mighty EWI (electronic wind instrument). Use it on election day or any weird day, of which
  7. Mumcast #47  Flat Five-A World of Love and Hope
    01 Nov, 2016
    Mumcast #47 Flat Five-A World of Love and Hope
    Flat Five are a Chicago group of amazing musicians that bring their individual influences together for a gumbo of quirky covers and originals. To quote the Facebook bio "Alex Hall, Kelly Hogan, Scott Ligon, Casey McDonough, Nora O'Connor Kean -- separately, these folks are in-demand touring and recording musicians for bands like Neko Case, The Decemberists, NRBQ, Jakob Dylan, Mavis Staples, Andrew Bird, J.D. McPherson, Robbie Fulks, Wanda Jackson, The Mekons, The New Pornographers, Alejandro
  8. Mumcast 44  The Beautiful Not Yet with Carrie Newcomer
    18 Sep, 2016
    Mumcast 44 The Beautiful Not Yet with Carrie Newcomer
    Carrie Newcomer has been plying her trade for a good while, and has grown in musical maturity and audience throughout the years, starting in her early days in Indiana. She now crisscrosses the country, delivering her music and message to the praise of critics and audiences. She has a new release,of which she's very proud, called "The Beautiful Not Yet" (release date 9/16/16), accompanied by a book of poems, essays, and lyrics. She sings,teaches and speaks at conventions, retreats, and other
  9. Peyton and Papa John cookin' a fatty
    09 Mar, 2016
    Random Thoughts 1
    Random Thoughts 1 SPEAKING OF: CURLING. Recently, I saw an ad on Facebook for a sports show called "Curling Night in America". For the uninitiated, curling is a sport that involves teams that slide these big round thingys back and forth on a sheet of ice, using brooms to guide the thingys. I guess the fact that it's played on an icy surface has something to do with the glacial pace at which they play the game, or match, or something. Can't imagine too many Americans going for curling, since we
  10. Mumcast 14  SpaceWords, Band on the Rise
    22 Feb, 2016
    Mumcast 14 SpaceWords, Band on the Rise
    This week on the Mumcast, we spoke to musician Jeff Lagaveen, drummer in a rising young band called SpaceWords. Jeff spoke to us about his beginnings, influnces, and creative process.     I opened the 'cast by mentioning this blog. I will most often summarize the podcast, but I just have to reserve the right to sound off on other stuff in this space, and hope you'll comment and play along.    We began our interview by asking Jeff about his beginnings. Jeff grew up in a musical environment,
  11. Mumcast 13- If Ya Wanna Make $1 mil in Music, Start With $2 mil
    15 Feb, 2016
    Mumcast 13- If Ya Wanna Make $1 mil in Music, Start With $2 mil
    On the most recent episode of Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show, we interviewed journalist/musician Tim Brouk, formerly a writer at the Lafayette Journal and Courier, who now writes for media portal Thinklafayette.com, where he tackles subjects of local and universal interest. We also talked about how bad the Super Bowl Halftime usually is, and how to fix it. SEGMENT ONE: We talked about our new website, rickmum.com, and about new additions to Dr. Will's Neighborhood of podcasts, including
  12. Your Favorite Show, My Favorite Show
    01 Feb, 2016
    Your Favorite Show, My Favorite Show
    We asked people to contribute to Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Podcast by telling us about their favorite concert going experiences. These events often carry great memories for us, and bring us closer to the artists that bowl us over with skill, charm, and, sometimes, spectacle. Sometimes they're a rite of passage, when your parents loosened up enough to let you go, even though they were afraid (or certain) that you might descend into depravity. Regardless of genre or era, the concerts described by
  13. the big show
    01 Feb, 2016
    I guess I'm challenging myself with such a deep topic for my inaugural post. I choose the question because it dovetails nicely with my mission to tease out the motivations and inspirations from creative people. Why do they create? Why must they create? Many creatives with whom I've spoken tell me that making their art is as central to their existence as breathing and eating (for many artists, creating may be more important than eating, since eating requires what many artists find to be in short

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