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  1. #52 Artists and Politics-To Speak or Not to Speak
    09 Jan, 2017
    #52 Artists and Politics-To Speak or Not to Speak
    Should artists, having achieved fame, use that platform to speak their minds on politics? Opinions run the gamut: absolutely yes, absolutely no, in small doses, etc. Don't drag us through the mud or keep us aware...are either of these options an obligation of artists?    Meryl Streep lit things up at this year's Golden Globes with a lengthy dissertation of her feelings on the political climate, waxing eloquent about what are now the standard criticisms of the President-elect. Some folks
  2. Peyton and Papa John cookin' a fatty
    09 Mar, 2016
    Random Thoughts 1
    Random Thoughts 1 SPEAKING OF: CURLING. Recently, I saw an ad on Facebook for a sports show called "Curling Night in America". For the uninitiated, curling is a sport that involves teams that slide these big round thingys back and forth on a sheet of ice, using brooms to guide the thingys. I guess the fact that it's played on an icy surface has something to do with the glacial pace at which they play the game, or match, or something. Can't imagine too many Americans going for curling, since we

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