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 Kyle Bledsoe is a fabulous musician who has been perfecting his craft for years now. He established himself in the Lafayette, IN scene, and now lives in Indianapolis, where he can be seen regularly doing his acoustic sets at Fat Dan's and other spots (including some Anthem work at Colts games!).    
 Kyle's new project is "Milkman and the Jugs". Kyle's debut with them will be at the Vogue on 7/20, and there will be many more gigs. This rockin' band has a unique feature of two (count 'em, two) bass players!
  We discussed the band, the new music, and being a professional musician with a family, including his son Leo and partner Kali. We also include 2 Milkman tunes for your enjoyment. 
  When I first met this young man some years ago, I had a feeling he was going to crush it. Consider it crushed.
 On our last podcast, many of you sent us your feelings about live music experiences. The response was great. Now, we want to do a series of podcasts about your musical experiences; the first important song or album, concert experiences, music related to life milestones. You can send your stories to [email protected]
  On this episode, I turned to two favorite people of mine, Dr. Will Miller, a frequent flyer on the Bob and Tom radio show, minister, stand-up comic, counselor. He talked about an early special album, and a U2 concert experience. Then Joe Peters talks about some high school special music, and the thrill of being able to become a musical influence himself. We finished with a song from Joe called, "Kingdom Come", which features Joe and music genius Mike Kelsey.
  Let us know your musical stories, and we'll pass them on, and contact some of you for a podcast interview. Enjoy!

Kyle Bledsoe

​Will Miller